Dynamised auto HemoTherapy(DAHT) - a new concept logical evaluation of its credibility and importance

1 Is it True
Audiovisual evidence and Testimonials available
2 Is it Good Yes
3 Is it Safe Yes
4 Is it Useful Yes
5 Is it Novel Yes
6 Is it Important Yes
7 Is it Reproducible Yes

Our concept meets all the logical criteria

Logical conclusions

If it is wrong, discourage with logical reasoning and facts; if it is good, appreciate it; if it is useful propagate it.

  • “One sees what one knows”
  • "A logical critic is the best guide; I respect him and welcome his remarks”

Whether the Government of India was informed?

I have applied to Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy, New Delhi, through Sipra Labs of Hyderabad, for an extramural research grant for my EMR project titled “An Evaluation of Safety and Antiviral Efficacy of Virus and Strain-specific Nosodes in the treatment of Hepatitis C” and it was under consideration vide their F.No.23-52 / 2005-06 / CCRH / Tech / EMR.


Millions of human beings and animals are facing morbidity and mortality from Viral diseases every year and limitless wealth is being spent both by governments and the public alike all over the world which is evidently a reflection of nonbelief on the works of Indian researchers...

  • “Innovation thrives on encouragement and dies with routine regulations and bureaucracy”
  • “Innovator makes enemies of all those who prospered under the old order and gets little support from those who would prosper under the new”
  • “Man by his nature is progressive and innovations are the stepping stones”
  • “It is the performance but not the profile of the inventor that helps in judging his concept”
  • “It is suicidal to be biased in judging innovations of great public importance”
  • “Silence of Intelligentsia is more dangerous than terrorism”