DYNAMISED AUTO HAEMO THERAPY(DAHT) in the Treatment of Viral Diseases

Scientific logic to evaluate the claim of a successful therapeutic effect in the Epidemic of Chikungunya in the year 2006

Whether the so-called disease is a case of Chikungunya Yes
Whether the disease (Chikungunya) has epidemic features and whether the local epidemic coincides with the features and time of occurrence in other areas yes
What was the diagnosis given by the other qualified doctors? Chikungunya
What is the duration of suffering Few weeks to months and years
Whether it has any known cure or prevention in any system of medicine No knowledge
What was the treatment received by the majority before taking DAHT Allopathy
How was the recovery with their treatment? No lasting relief, with allopathy severe pains persisted
What was the type of medicine given by NLHC under DAHT and if it has any side effects Nosode prepared from the blood of the same person, No side effects
When was the therapeutic effect perceived with DAHT Fever subsided in one day & Joint Pains in 2-4 days
Whether the recovery is smooth and lasting yes
Whether there was any recurrence of the suffering no
Number of people treated 86
Number of people recovered 86
Whether the recovery is uniform in all the people Yes, Uniform
Whether the effect is repeatable in the same disease or other viral diseases Yes, treated other viral diseases successfully
Whether there was any preventive role/benefit Yes, School students were given a preventive dose successfully
What is the fate of people who did not take this treatment? The fever subsided in a few days but severe pains persisted for months
Whether they belonged to the same epidemic and same location with the same features yes