What is DAHT?

The term DAHT is an abbreviation for Dynamised Auto Haemo Therapy. It is a therapeutic process involving the preparation and administration of potentized substances with the patient's own infected natural fluids like blood, CSF, urine, saliva, etc., as a basic substance.

What are the uses and benefits of DAHT?

The therapeutic results are good in diseases in which the causal factor is a foreign chemical or a tiny organism like a virus. The approach is specific to the extent of neutralization/inactivation of the main causative element of foreign origin but man as a whole is not taken into account in the study of disease and its management. One has to manage the case homeopathically for symptoms remaining after DAHT. It has its limitations in the treatment of certain chronic viral diseases.

I am confident that the process of application of “virus and strain-specific nosodes in the treatment of viral diseases” as a sole/adjuvant treatment is of great use in the treatment and prevention of many viral diseases/epidemics (including, Dengue, Bird flu, and Swine flu) both among human beings and animals.

It is safe, easy, fast, highly useful, and practicable and saves the lives of the majority of sick individuals and animals, and helps in avoiding huge expenditures.

The process is of eternal benefit as there is no risk of viruses developing resistance against nosodes which are always new and specific for the virus.

Is it a novel concept?

It is an improved and modified version with a clear understanding of the olden, vague concept called Isopathy.